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What’s on in Bali

Bali island is well known for its unique and uncomparable culture tradition from its ancient days. From annual Bali Art festival, Bali Mekepung in Jembrana, Pandan War in Tenganan,, Kite Festival, Omed-Omedan or Kissing festival, Ngaben cremation ceremony to the world most famous Ogoh-Ogoh parade to welcome mystical of NYEPI Day.

  • Penampahan Galungan

    Hari Penampahan Galungan

    MAY 29TH, 2018

    Penampahan Galungan is a ritual celebrated on the day before Galungan and it aims to remind Balinese people to distinguish good and bad so they can avoid bad attitude called ‘Adharma’. Penampahan Galungan is marked by slaughtering a pig as a symbol eliminates bad human’s behavior such as greedy or quarrelsome to become a better person on Galungan Day

  • Galungan The Vira Bali Hotel

    Hari Raya Galungan - Victory of Dharma againts Adharma

    MAY 30, 2018

    The Meaning of Galungan is uniting spiritual strength in order to get an illuminated and established mind. The union of the spiritual and illuminated mind is a form of dharma inside human being. While all that clutter or disrupt your mind is form of adharma. So the Galungan is to celebrate the victory of dharma against adharma. Galungan is celebrated every 210 days or 6 months. On this day, people held worship as a form of gratitude in each house of family and the temple as symbolism of the victory of dharma.

  • Hari Umanis Galungan The Vira Bali Hotel

    Hari Umanis Galungan

    MAY 31ST, 2018

    Hari Umanis Galungan is celebrated one day after Galungan by visiting relatives or family to share joy and remind each other to continue implementing the teachings of Dharma while some others celebrate this day by visiting the recreation area with family.

  • Penampahan Kuningan The Vira Bali Hotel

    Hari Penampahan Kuningan

    JUN 8TH, 2018

    Penampahan Kuningan is performed to prepare instruments of Kuningan ceremony in each home. Also, preparing our self physically and spiritually to welcome Kuningan Day by referring to the teachings of Dharma.

  • Kuningan The Vira Bali Hotel

    Hari Raya Kuningan

    JUN 9TH, 2018

    Hari Raya Kuningan is a celebration of the God descending into the world to bestow His blessings in the form of basic necessities. The celebration is identical with the presentation of yellow rice which was also used as an offering in Hari Raya Kuningan ceremony. Hari Raya Kuningan is celebrated every 210 days or 10 days after Galungan. The ceremony should be done in the morning or before noon because we were told that the Gods and ancestors will return to heaven (Swarga loka) at that time.

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