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What’s on in Bali

Bali island is well known for its unique and uncomparable culture tradition from its ancient days. From annual Bali Art festival, Bali Mekepung in Jembrana, Pandan War in Tenganan,, Kite Festival, Omed-Omedan or Kissing festival, Ngaben cremation ceremony to the world most famous Ogoh-Ogoh parade to welcome mystical of NYEPI Day.

  • Purnama


    JANUARY, 10 2020

    As known, the majority of people is Hinduism in Bali Island. In Bali, there is a holy day which is celebrated every month, namely Purnama. The rituals are performed at certain times. The word Purnama comes from the word "full" which means perfect, complete, and infinite. The worship intended at the full moon is aimed to Sanghyang Candra, and Sanghyang Ketu as the god of brilliance to invoke perfection and holy light from Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa in various forms of Ista Dewata. Usually on this full moon holy day, the Hindus offer offerings of fruit, food and flowers, visiting the local temple, as well as praying.

  • Hari Raya Siwaratri

    Hari Raya Siwaratri

    JANUARY, 23 2020

    Siwaratri (Shivaratri) is a holy day to worship God (Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) in Shiva form. Siwaratri is a meaningful day for Balinese Hindu people, because they believe on that day God Shiva is doing meditation for yoga, therefore the Hindus perform the activities that lead the self purification and focusing their mind to the God Shiva.  The main purpose of Siwalatri is destroying or eliminating the dark side in the heart and the mind for getting the holy mind and implementing the God’s character. Siwaratri is always celebrated on the day before Tilem Sasih Kepitu, the new moon of the 7th month of the Saka Moon calendar of Bali, a day which usually falls in the month of January. The next Siwaratri will be celebrated on 15th January 2018.

  • Tumpek Uduh The Vira Bali Hotel

    Tumpek Uduh - Gratitude to Lord of All Foods and Plants

    JANUARY, 25 2020

    The universe has a great power that must be used properly and wisely. One of the strengths is the variety of plants that can be easily seen around us. They would benefit us if we treat them well and vice versa.
    Bali is a world tourism destination which has its own appeal of natural beauty and the Balinese people present their gratitude for the beauty of nature by celebrating Tumpek Uduh. Tumpek Uduh also known as Tumpek Wariga or Tumpek Pengatag which is celebrated every 6 months in the Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon, wuku Wariga, exactly 25 days before Galungan. This ceremony is held to every plantation and farm throughout the island as devotion to Sanghyang Sangkara, Lord of all food – plants.

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