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What’s on in Bali

Bali island is well known for its unique and uncomparable culture tradition from its ancient days. From annual Bali Art festival, Bali Mekepung in Jembrana, Pandan War in Tenganan,, Kite Festival, Omed-Omedan or Kissing festival, Ngaben cremation ceremony to the world most famous Ogoh-Ogoh parade to welcome mystical of NYEPI Day.

  • Ngerebong Ceremony

    JANUARY 13, 2019

    Bali is a world travel destination with all its uniqueness and one of them is a tradition. Ngerebong tradition that can be found in the Kesiman Village Denpasar is one of the sacred traditions which is held once every six months. Ngerebong means to gather and Kesiman village communities believe that on Ngerebong day where the Gods assemble. The centerpiece of the ceremony will be held at Petilan temple in Kesiman Village. The event begins with prayers and cockfights in the Wantilan. Then people came out of the temple area and proceeded to surround the temple area three times. Communities around the temple will experience a trance-like screaming, crying, growling, and stabbing chest or head with a dagger (the ritual is commonly called Ngurek) and accompanied by traditional music. The ceremony is conducted until mid-afternoon and closed with dance of Gods. Ngerebong tradition is done to remind Hindus to maintain harmony with God, nature, and human beings as a reflection of the teachings of Tri Hita Karana.

  • The Magical Parade of Melasti

    MARCH 4, 2019

    Melasti ceremony is a ceremony held a few days before Nyepi and the Balinese people will bring all God symbols to the beach as holy water resources for purification purpose. In addition, the aim of this ceremony is to clean the human body or Bhuwana Alit and entire earth or Bhuwana Agung from the badness or bad spirits. All of the Balinese people wear the Balinese traditional costume and they will sound The Balinese traditional instrument called Gamelan during the magical parade procession.

  • Ogoh-Ogoh Festival

    MARCH 6, 2019

    One day before Nyepi, the Balinese people held Bhuta Yadnya ritual. Bhuta Yadnya is a series of ceremonies to banish the presence of Bhuta Kala which is the manifestation of the negative elements in human life. Bhuta Yadnya consists of two stages, namely mecaru and ngerupuk ritual. In a series of Bhuta Yadnya, there is a tradition of ogoh-ogoh parade, the most awaited parade in Bali each year. The parade is held in order to banish the Bhuta Kala along with all the other negative elements away and not interferes with the life of humanity.

  • What is Nyepi?

    MARCH 7, 2019

    NYEPI or Silent Day also known as the Balinese New Year Day.  Nyepi is a very special day in Bali and unlike the International New Year celebration, The Balinese observes Nyepi in complete silent. As prescribed by Old Hindu scripture, it is supposes to be a day of silence, prayer and meditation where upon people could denote the time contemplating the event of the past year and the challenges of the coming one.  It is a day of “looking within”.

    Nyepi will be celebrated on March 7th, 2019 and all Balinese also everyone else who happens to be in Bali during Nyepi are expected to observe three kinds of abstinence: no fire or light, no noise or sound and no activities.